Understand the Main Reasons for the Increase in the Number of Canadian Immigration Consultants in India


In recent years, India and Canada have strengthened bilateral cooperation in a number of areas, including education, trade, the environment and investment. Education is therefore the most transparent relationship between the two countries, because we all know that the majority of Indian students choose Canadian academic certification, which is respected internationally. Over 200,000 international students and researchers choose to study in Canada each year. In 2017, approximately 12,000 students were taxed on immigration consultants to obtain a Canadian visa and applied for a student visa. This number doubled in 2019 and will double in the coming years.

The question is, “Why Canada?” It could hit your mind. “But before the investment visa, tuition and living expenses in the country, you want to know some facts about the value of education. These are some of the most important things about Canada’s popularity as an international education destination:

The safest and the best place to live.

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According to the article Smart unit and smart survey, Canada is one of the ten best places to live in the world. It is a beautiful, natural and welcoming environment that promotes lifestyle and learning. The higher standard of living, cleanliness, low crime rate, the higher the average life expectancy in the country, the safer it is for foreigners living here.

Multicultural Society.

Each year, more than 200,000 international students from around the world apply for a Canadian Study Visa. This includes people from all over the world with cultures, languages ​​and ideas. This diversity represents Canada’s multicultural society. In this way, you get not only decent qualifications, but also an eternal experience of working in this multicultural environment.

Video education system

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The Canadian government attaches great importance to education, not only for citizens to develop a first-class education system, but also for international students to develop a first-class education system. Canadian certificates, diplomas or degrees are highly valued in all industries around the world. In addition to theoretical courses, students receive practical training focused on the labor market. As a result, Canadian research opens the door to long-term employment and job opportunities around the world.

Affordable education

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A higher standard of living and education do not mean a higher standard of education and a higher cost of living. The cost of living and studying in Canada is reasonable compared to other countries.

Free visa rules

Taking advantage of changes prescribed in Canadian immigration rules effective June 1, 2018, Indian students often turn to immigration consultants for Canadian visas. Under the new rules, students can now work in Canada for two years after graduation, providing benefits to multi-skilled students.

Otherwise, there are hundreds of reasons why people choose to study in Canada. This increase also creates preconditions for the development of the immigration industry. Each university has its own admission policy. If you decide to take care of the whole process yourself, you may feel depressed grief, which is the role of consultant to study immigration to Canada. These experts have extensive experience and knowledge in the area of ​​immigration industry. It has links to universities, colleges and educational institutions. They also have a dedicated spirit to help students succeed in their global careers.


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