Selection criteria for the British Columbia candidate program


British Columbia is one of the main provinces of Canada. An economically dynamic province and the main contributor to Canada’s GDP. British Columbia is also famous for its cultural diversity and enormous infrastructure.

Victoria is the capital of British Columbia, and Vancouver is the largest city in the county and the best city in the world. Thanks to BCF’s regional nomination program, highly skilled immigrants who want to work in the UK and employers in Colombia have the opportunity to qualify for the neighborhood.

This program aims to help employers who migrate to the UK and Colombia. The program was a The National Bank of British Columbia Police operates under one of the simplest Immigration systems in Canada. If you are a candidate (British Columbia), a talented and experienced employer is looking for an area in which you plan to offer the candidate the next attack on the British Columbia category or route:

  • Immigration skills.
  • Skilled worker flow
  • Occupational health programs
  • International Graduates Table
  • Influx of beginners and semi-skilled workers
  • Do you plan to move to British Columbia without a job opportunity?

British Columbia Eligibility rating standards PNP

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Skilled workers category: for candidates who have a job offer from an employer in British Columbia and who have the work experience required by the employer, they can be transferred to British Columbia in this category.


Potential skilled workers must meet the minimum qualification criteria.

There must be a letter of acceptance from an employer in British Columbia.

Applicants must have at least two years of work experience.

The employer fulfills all of its responsibilities.

To be legally eligible for immigration to British Columbia

Immigrant to the UK; Here are Key Guide on Work Permit.

Regarding the functions of the Second National Commission, candidates must meet all the minimum language requirements.

Healthcare professionals: Under these qualifications, have experienced candidates to post job vacancies, such as nurses, psychiatrists, nurses or healthcare professionals working in the healthcare field, if necessary.


In this track, candidates must meet the following eligibility criteria.

Applicants must have an invitation to work in a public health center, such as nurses, doctors, specialists, certified psychologists, nurse practitioners and be able to prove it He can feed himself.

If necessary, they must meet minimum language standards.

The pay must be the same as the British Columbia card rate.

He has at least two years of exhibition experience.

A category of international graduates is offered and this mobile immigration is awarded to those who have obtained a diploma / degree in Canada in the past three years.

Applicants must receive a qualified job offer from an employer in the province of Colombia.


* The following conditions may be admissible for this group / Group:

* A full-time job offer from a British Columbia employer must be received in advance.

* The preferred function header must be specified in the NCC table.

* Commercial conditions which must meet the requirements of the employer.

* Meet the minimum requirements of the language proficiency test.

* Right to immigrate to British Columbia or right to legal status.


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