Jobs In France You Can Easily Apply: See Important Tips


Before seeking out for jobs in France, you need to be a French speaker. Without speaking French, it will be difficult to find quality jobs in France, aside from the menial jobs. If you French is rusty or you can’t speak at all, it would be better if you enrolled for a French language course. 

This guide will teach you what you need to know about the French employment market. You will get to know the kinds of jobs available in France for foreigners. This article will guide you on where you can search to find jobs in France. This article is for you if you are a foreigner residing in France and searching for a job. 

While searching for a job in France, you are expected to be flexible. If your ideal job is not fort coming, you can explore other options. Many of the jobs in France are gotten through contacts. So, it would help if you built your contacts to maximize your job opportunities. France has a security system and benefits that much appeal to expatriates. If you are a citizen of countries in the European Union and the European Economic Area (EEA), you have the same right to employment as does French Nationals. There is, however, an exception to this rule. There are certain public administration positions that require you to have French citizenship. 

If you are from outside the EU and EEA, you will often get job opportunities if there is no French or EU candidate suitable for the job. 

Available Jobs in France 

Industrial Bus Driver Needed in Humboldt, Canada

In France, the primary and thriving industries include the motor industry, pharmaceutical industry, food and drinks, textiles, tourism, industrial machinery, etc. There is also a high demand for management services in sales management-level occupations, science, and engineering. These skills are mostly in high demand outside the major French cities. 

You can also find jobs in the “caregiving” sector, such as home, medical, psychiatric, childcare. The teaching of the English language in France is also an excellent and available job opportunity for you. You might as well look into the French government’s list of shortage occupations in France. When you have identified these shortage occupations, you can concentrate in the right places.

Finding a job on the side can be very stressful. Either way, see how to move forward.

As a graduate, you are most likely to find job opportunities in multinational companies like AXA, Saint-Gobin, Sanofi, Total, Vivendi, PSA Peugeot Citroen, etc. In France, employers take work experience seriously. Therefore, if you are a graduate looking to get a job in France, consider an internship to boost your chances. 

The French Business Culture and Working Environment 

Engineering Coordinator Needed in Canada Aviation Sector(Parsons Inc.)

In France, there is an established and robust hierarchy with defined positions and power. In meetings, you are expected to discuss the subject matter rather than make a decision on it outrightly. Punctuality is a sacred aspect of the work culture in France, and you must take it seriously. 

The French labor laws allow 35 hours work week after which you get paid overtime. You will be eligible for one or two hours of lunch break and a minimum of five weeks’weeks’ holiday. In 2014, the government enacted a law banning workers in the digital and consultancy sectors from answering work-related emails and phone calls outside of the stipulated work hours. 

If your employer has more than 50 employees under their payroll, you will be automatically protected by the French employment union. You must not necessarily be a member before you can enjoy such protection.  

Tips For Searching For Jobs In France

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While trying to find a job in France as a foreigner, you need to learn how to leverage the internet. Here are some relevant job search sites to get you started.

  • Pole-Emploi
  • Jobs in Paris
  • Cadre Emploi, etc.

Networking is also an essential means of accessing jobs in France. You can join social media groups correctly set up to announce job vacancies like Linkedln. Aside from online networking, it would help if you met up with ex-pats offline by attending relevant industry events. While attending such industry events, you must have your “elevator pitch” ready. 

Keep your head down, follow the guidelines we have highlighted in this article, and chances are you will land your first job in France, sooner you had imagined. 




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