Immigrating To Norway: Jobs In Norway For Foreigners


If you are considering immigrating to Norway, there are jobs in Norway for foreigners, and you can make good money. Although not a member of the EU, the government signed the European Economic Area agreement. It means that as an EU citizen, you can freely travel to Norway to work. The free travel is, however, not open to non-EU citizens.

As a non-EU citizen, you will need to have your visa and other relevant documents before immigrating to Norway. Over the years, Norway has become a high-tech country with an essential role in the world economy. The country boasts of excellent working conditions, and its unemployment rate is way below the European average. In Norway, the average wages are often higher than in the rest of Europe while the workers are entitled to several weeks of paid holidays annually. 

There is no doubt that there are jobs in Norway for foreigners. The question is, can you find those jobs? The answer to this question is what we have provided for you in this article. In the course of this article, we shall explore the different jobs in Norway that you as a foreigner can easily apply for. 

Jobs In Norway For Foreigners 

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The Norwegian labour market is quite a different ball game, and most foreigners find it difficult to land a job. Over the years, Norway never had a tradition of immigration. Hence, the reason Norwegian employers are often reluctant to hire foreigners.

Most of the people in Norway are of Norwegian descent, hence the reason foreigners find it difficult to see there. There is often the fear of foreigners in Norway. It is much difficult for you to get a job which corresponds to your education of previous work experience. There have been instances where foreign doctors had to repeat a lot of their course work before they were able to find a suitable job. Foreigners who were engineers had been known to work as janitors. 

As a foreigner, to increase your chances of getting a job in Norway, you will have to apply in certain sectors of the economy. You can apply for a job in the tourism sector, oil and gas industries, fisheries, services. There is a large presence of foreign companies in Norway, especially in the oil and gas sector where the working language is English. Jobs in these sectors will most likely appeal to foreigners, especially English speaking foreigners. When you apply for agricultural jobs like strawberry picking, or other menial jobs, fluency in English is no mandatory. 

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On the other hand, fluency in Norwegian is an essential prerequisite for the majority of the jobs in Norway. Depending on the nature of the job you are applying for, Norwegian courses may be compulsory. For instance, if your work permit allows you to apply for permanent residency, you must complete a minimum of 300 hours of Norwegian language classes.

If your work permit does not allow for permanent residency application, Norwegian language courses are not compulsory, but they are essential. As an English speaker, you can also apply to work as an English teacher. Aside from searching for opportunities online, you can also visit schools to apply as an English teacher. Some private individuals also employ English teachers to teach them. 

Resources For Searching For Job Opportunities As A Foreigner In Norway

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If you are a foreigner looking to land a job in Norway, below are some sites that will improve your chances. 

  • This is a giant job search field in Norway, and it is a very good place for you to get started.
  • You will always find legit employment opportunity postings on this site.
  • Jobs in Oslo: If you want a job in Oslo specifically, this is the site for you. 
  • This site has jobs that are specifically meant for English speaking professionals. 

It would help if you took advantage of professional social networks like LinkedIn while you search for jobs in Norway for foreigners. While you are searching for jobs in Norway, you need to ensure you have all documents in order. People have been deported and some sent to jail for the possession of fake documents while searching for jobs. 


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