How To Get Your Canadian Work Permit In 2020: Simple And Easy


It is one thing to get your dream job in Canada and an entirely different thing to obtain your Canadian work permit. If you landed your desired Canadian job, you would be required to apply for your work permit. 

The work permit is your license to live and work in Canada as a foreigner. 

You need to know that your Canadian work permit is different from your Canadian visa with which you can enter Canada. The truth is you need both of them to be eligible to work in Canada. There are two different kinds of Canadian work permits. We have an open and employee-specific work permit in Canada. 

The processing time for your work permit depends on the location you are applying to and whether your application is complete. If you submit an incomplete application, the chances are that it will either be delayed or outrightly rejected. You should seek help if you are unsure about anything regarding your work permit application. If you are not sure about the entire process, there is government approved and trusted “Regulated Immigration Consultants” available to guide you through the entire process.

Simple And Easy Steps To Get Your Canadian Work Permit

  1. You have to choose your work permit
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The nature of your employment will determine the type of work permit you can apply for. Like I have mentioned earlier in this post, there are two different types of work permit in Canada, and they include:

  • Employee-specific work permit 

This particular work permit entails you have to work in line with the specifications defined in your work permit. You will have to specify for an employer and for a defined time duration. For example, if you are an agricultural worker, you will need to apply for an employee-specific work permit. It will permit you to work in a particular sector or specific company in Canada. 

  • Open work permit
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This does not limit you to a particular employer in Canada. It permits you to work for any employer in the country. For instance, if you are an international student and have completed your qualification one of the Designated Learning Institutions in Canada and would desire to apply to remain in Canada through the Post Graduate Work Permit Program, an open work permit is the best way to go. It allows you to live and work wherever you choose in Canada. Also, you will gain enough work experience to be able to apply for your permanent residency. 

  1. Ensure you are eligible

Before you apply for a Canadian work permit, you must consider the requirements. There are specific requirements you must meet before you can be eligible to live and work in Canada. To qualify for a Canadian work permit as a foreigner, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be able to prove to the authorities that you will go back to your home country once your work permit has expired. 
  • You must have proof of funds to take care of you and your family during the duration of your stay in Canada. 
  • No history of crime or any criminal record.
  • You have to be in good health and be required to provide a medical report in that regard. 
  • Be sure that your employer is eligible to offer you and employment.
  1. Submit your application to the relevant authorities
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The best way for you to apply for the Canadian work permit is online. By following this path, you will avoid any courier fees and also reduce your application time significantly. It will also help you avoid delays, especially when you are needed to submit additional documents. Depending on your home country, the Canadian work permit can take between 2 weeks to 33 weeks.

However, your processing time can be significantly reduced if you use accredited RCICs (Regulated Immigration Consultants). The reason is that it shows that your documents are already verified. If you fail to submit a complete application, the processing time can be delayed

When It Is Approved 

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Upon the approval of your work permit in Canada, you will receive a letter showing you are now eligible to live and work in Canada. However, this letter is not your work permit. You will get your Canadian work permit upon entering Canada. 


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