How To Book Flights With Layovers: The Perfect Travel Hack


When you are traveling to a distant location, it is often useful to book flights with layovers. We always want to get to our destination in the shortest possible time. However, it is good to explore new places on our way at no extra cost. Some airlines will advertise their extended layover flight programs, whereas others will let you book an itinerary for round-trip prices. 

It would help if you used a layover to get some bit of relaxation when you are not used to flying long distances. Finding a connecting flight allows you to explore a new environment at almost no cost at all. 

This article’s purpose is to guide you on how to book flights with layovers at no extra cost. This is your layover flight hack. If you are in no hurry to get to your destination, you may consider booking flights with an extended layover. Depending on your schedule, you might go for overnight layover flights. 

Tips On How You Can Book Flights With Layovers

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If you want to book a long layover flight for a little or no cost to you, here is how to go about it.

  • You have to decide on your destination and origin

This is always the first step when you are planning your vacation or business trip. Before going on your trip, you have already known your destination. It is also important for you to know where it is you have to go in order to get to your desired destination (Origin). 

  • Time to search for round trips

After you have concluded on your destination, the next task is to initiate a search for round trip flights. A good way to go about this is to plug your information into your trusted online travel agent to know your best options. It is always a good thing to compare with other travel agents so you can make the best choice available.

  • Identify a common connecting city.

Once you have plugged in your locations, you should see some beautiful connecting cities en route to your final destination. You are bound to get several results. Please select one of those cities and add them to your itinerary. It will be an extra adventure for you while on your trip. 

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  • Go for the best flight with a long layover.

After you have selected the city for your extra stop, the next step is to search for the best possible flight with a long layover. It would help if you went for the flight with layover options that are long enough for you to explore the new city. Of what good is a layover if you cannot experience life in the stopover city? 

While choosing your flight, it is also suitable for you to have some idea about the airlines going to your destination and the places they stop off along the way. For example, if you are traveling from Europe to the USA or vice versa, a layover in Iceland can shake up your transatlantic flight. If you are going from Australia to the USA, you can decide to catch some beautiful waves in Hawaii.

  • Have a good idea about your layover city logistics 
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Before you accept a city as your stopover destination, find out if you will need a visa. It is your choice to spend money on visas on your layover, but I certainly prefer visa-free layovers. For example, you will have to pay for a stopover visa in Moscow while traveling to Japan from the United States. On the other hand, you can enjoy layover hours at Kuala Lumpur Airport (KUL) as you walk the streets visa-free. 

  • Ensure your layover destination is close to the airport
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It will be tiring and uncomfortable if you have to spend the bulk of your layover time to and from the airport. It would help if you chose a layover destination that is close to the airport.  


In as much as we have outlined the perfect guideline on how to book flights with layovers, you should ask for help when you feel lost. Call your travel agent, airline, etc. for guidance. It would help if you did not spend your layovers at the airport. Try to have a feel of the city and enjoy yourself in the process.   


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