How To Apply For Jobs In South Korea As A Foreigner


If you are keen to work in an Asian country, there are quite a several jobs in South Korea you can apply. South Korea is one of the technologically advanced countries in the world and with unique traditional culture. This article is to help you in your quest to find your dream job in South Korea. 

The fundamental problem is often not your inability to get a job in the country, but are you capable of living in this environment. Most people are eager to relocate while searching for a job. However, these people often forget to put into consideration the environmental factors in the new location. 

When you search for jobs in South Korea, you must know a great deal about the environment. Can you work in such conditions? 

What You Should Know Before Applying For Jobs In South Korea

Before applying for any job, you should carry out proper research regarding the country and the type of job readily available. You don’t jump blindly into certain offers and expect to make the best out of it. If you want to get a job in South Korea through a placement agency or organized job provider, you should read program reviews and talk to recent alumni.

You also need to check out ex-pat forums for the South Korean city you would like to work in for an opinion on what it’s like to live in such an environment. As a foreigner who desires to work in South Korea for more than 90 days, you will need to get a work visa. Your work visa will be processed in your home before you arrive in South Korea. 

For the work visa, it is usually your employer that will sponsor you as work visas vary according to the work you are employed to do. Take, for example; you will need to apply for a Foreign Language Instructor or E-2 visa if you want to teach. It would help if you visited the South Korean embassy or consulate in your home country for the latest immigration requirements. 

When you arrive in South Korea, ensure you sign up and get your Alien Registration Card (ARC) at the immigration office. Your ARC is your lifeline in South Korea, so ensure to have it on you at all times. You will b needing virtually everything you want to do, from opening a bank account to accessing health insurance.

Available Jobs In South Korea You Can Apply 

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Teaching English is one of the easiest ways to get to work in South Korea as a foreigner. The job offers one of the highest salaries as well as the best perks in the whole of Asia. Some teaching jobs provide free flights from your home country to South Korea. Some of them offer free accommodation, medical insurance, etc. until the end of your contract. 

Aside from teaching English in Korea, you can apply for a curriculum officer, teacher trainer, or editor position in companies that produce English language textbooks and other resources. If you have the reasonable control of Korean, there are lots of available corporate jobs, especially in marketing. Do you fancy automotive marketing and research? If yes, you should go to Busan in Southeast Korea. If you are skilled in electronics and IT, maybe you should fancy your chances with technological giants like LG and Samsung. 

Best Place to Live In South Korea

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This beautiful Asian country is packed with a mix of high-tech cities, towns, and villages. Seoul is the capital of South Korea, and it is a city that never sleepsIf you like the busy lifestyle, then Seoul is the pick for you. However, you should know that it is quite expensive to live in such a city. 

If you want to experience the perfect mixture of nature and city, then Busan does for you. It is the second-largest city, only second to Seoul. You will get to see the beaches, mountains, and other exciting things as well. Many foreigners like Daejeon’s city because it is centrally located and makes it easy to access different parts of the country. 


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Getting a job in South Korea is not a stroll in the park. However, the payoff is always great in the end. Follow the tips here, and you stand an excellent chance to landing your first job in South Korea.


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