Finding a job on the side can be very stressful. Either way, see how to move forward.


Most immigrants need a job offer to get a work visa. Therefore, finding a job may be your first task before moving to New Zealand.

I am looking for an outside job.

If New Zealanders can’t find a job, most employers in New Zealand are willing to hire overseas.

There are many websites designed to connect employers with employees outside of New Zealand. Employers working in these locations may have more experience in recruiting immigrants. New Zealand jobs and places of employment are good places to consider.

Employment services for skilled immigrants

Kiwi is a free national service for skilled immigrants and their partners. Correspondence with employers who need their skills.

Regional program for job seekers

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As well as software compatibility between the skills of beginners and research assistance to establish a link between job seekers and employers who need their skills.

Employment in the company

Employers in New Zealand often use recruitment agencies or their agents to find suitable staff, particularly in high-level professional positions. You can register several small New Zealand businesses in the workforce, so it’s important to keep track of who and when you call.

You do not need to pay the company or the agent because they get money from the employer when they hire people to work.

Success in the interview

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Your experience abroad is invaluable, so you need to know how to communicate effectively with New Zealand entrepreneurs.

Employer’s address.

Interviewing in New Zealand may be different from what you are used to. However, New Zealand is informal. This will be fully reflected in the interview process. You may also find that the interview is conducted by one to three or four people, and the person you meet is of the opposite sex.

Learn as much as possible about potential employers before the interview. Think about your skills and how they apply to this role, as well as practical examples you can provide to support your administration in this area. Dress in elegant outfits to make a good impression and make sure you arrive on time

For professional roles, interviews are generally behavioral interviews. By assuming this process and repetitive questions, you will know how to provide the skills that you have to experience and experience in a way that New Zealand employers can understand.

In a behavior interview, you are asked to give examples of how you behaved in previous work situations. Lots of questions to describe the situation and what you did to reach the solution or goal.


Office & Operations Manager Opportunities in England

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