An ATM Card Thief Was Caught In A Hotel Where He Lodged With His Girlfriend


An ATM card thief was caught in a hotel where he was staying with his girlfriend.

The suspect was unlucky after stealing an ATM card from an unsuspecting elderly citizen, from whom he had withdrawn his 500,000 euro account as a police officer.

He was caught after taking the ATM card to a hotel where he was near the victim’s house.

Vivian Emesaraonye Dimgba reported how the suspect removed N500K from her mother’s account.

My mother was tricked 500 km last night. She went to the ATM, tried to pull her hairpin on, it didn’t work. She saw a young man standing behind her and turned to complain or let off steam. He pretended to be concerned and asked her to try again. With so much confidence she gave him the card. He put it on and told her the ATM card was stuck and she should go to the bank and tell them. She went to the security guard because the bank was already closed and was doing just that. When she left, the man was already gone. Oh, he told her he was a cop.

The fast forward until midnight received its first 300,000 broadcast alarm. Then 100k .. until there are only 30k in the account. She dressed, then went into town with my father and made a police report. But there was little they could do because they weren’t sure which ATM he’d switched from.

Around 1 a.m., he made another transfer. But this time thanks to a POS machine. Eastgate Hotel. Less than 15 minutes walk from my house. He paid for the room and also ordered food. We called the police back, told them about our results and they met us at the hotel in less than 30 minutes.

They entered the hotel and checked the person who was there when the POS sent the alarm. The print matched my mother’s credit card number. So we arrested him with the girl to whom he had transferred the first 300 km. She would have met him for the first time yesterday, but they have been friends on Facebook for some time. We also found ATM cards, including my mother’s card and the impression he used for transactions.

In any case, both cool his heels in the cell and are fully prosecuted.

I have to congratulate the team for their timely intervention. As of today, my perception of the Nigerian police is a little different.

The times are strange. Knowledge!

When asked to release the lady to whom the suspect had given N300k, Vivian wrote in a reply message;

ATM cards. I scrambled to avoid exposing the owners. The diamond access card belongs to my mother. You can see the document he used for the last transaction. I still don’t know why he didn’t pay in cash because he obviously had some of the money he had withdrawn from the ATM.

I think it was greed. 7k was what was there. I have no pity for him. My mother has high blood pressure. Close your eyes for a minute and imagine your condition now. The money doesn’t belong to her either. He was transferred from his father’s trade contact for a survey job that he had to do for his client. I would have reimbursed 500,000 for no good reason.

Those of you who think the girl is innocent have you seen where I used the word “supposedly”? She is a thief. She is an accomplice. And how should she prove that she is innocent? ?

Finally stop receiving me to free the girl. Do I look like the police? Who takes 300k from a random stranger? If my mother had collapsed last night, all I would have gotten would be rest in peace. I’ll block anyone who easily suggests the girl is innocent. Your opinion is not required unless you know the full details of the case.